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Buy and Sell

It's what we do.  During the week, we purchase, repair, clean, and arrange items in the store for sale on the weekend. 


We prefer sellers contact us by telephone at

(845) 758-5668, or email at

before bringing items in for us to purchase. 


Weekends can be hectic, and we can't always make time to purchase items brought in.  If you have a large collection, whole house, or barn full of stuff to sell, the process is as follows:  1. An appointement is first made to come see your items.  We usually have a 1 to 2 week backlog, so please contact us early.  A list will be made of the items you wish to sell, at that time.   2. Within a few days of the initial appointment, we will contact you with an offer for your items.  3. If the offer is agreeable, a second appointment will be made to pick up your items, and pay you on the spot.  We usually pay by check, so please let us know ahead if you want another form of payment.


Here at Hoffman's we have entered the computer age.  Payments now accepted include: Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. If you see something you like, and do not have the cash on hand, we will also do a Lay-a-Way.  Cards can be accepted over the phone as well.  If you find an item which is too big to handle, we also deliver locally for a nominal fee.

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